Ace the Graduate Entry Medical Programme (GEMP) and Wits Additional Placement Test (WAPT): Your Comprehensive Guide

The Graduate Entry Medical Programme (GEMP) at the University of the Witwatersrand is a sought-after route for students aiming to pursue a medical degree. The Wits Additional Placement Test (WAPT) is a crucial part of this application process, assessing candidates' suitability for the GEMP. Here’s how you can prepare effectively for this test and enhance your chances of success.

Understanding the GEMP and WAPT

What is the GEMP?

The GEMP allows graduates with a relevant degree to enter the third year of the MBBCh (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) programme at WITS University. This accelerated pathway is designed for students who have demonstrated strong academic performance and a passion for the medical field. Bear in mind that it is required to maintain an average of at least 70% over the final two years of completed study.

What is the WAPT?

The WAPT is an entrance examination required for the GEMP application. It evaluates a candidate’s knowledge in three key subjects: Molecular Medicine, Human Anatomy and Human Physiology. Performing well in the WAPT is essential for securing a place in the GEMP.

Preparation Tips for the WAPT

1. Review Relevant Course Material

The WAPT tests knowledge that you should have gained in your undergraduate studies. Review your course notes, textbooks and any other relevant materials to refresh your memory on key concepts. If you are coming from a degree that did not include the necessary resources, consider opting in for a service like Seventh Star’s GEMP Preparation Course.

2. Use Practice Tests

Practising with past WAPT papers or similar entrance exams can help you get used to the format and time constraints of the test. It also allows you to identify areas where you may need further study. Set aside regular time for practice tests to track your progress.

3. Strengthen Your Medical Terminology

A good grasp of medical terminology is crucial for the WAPT. Use flashcards, medical dictionaries and online resources to build and reinforce your vocabulary. Understanding these terms will also be beneficial in your future medical studies.

4. Time Management

Each section of the WAPT is timed so effective time management is essential. Practice answering questions within the allotted time to build your speed and accuracy. During the test, allocate time to each question and avoid spending too long on difficult ones.

5. Join Study Groups

Studying with peers can provide support, motivation and different perspectives on challenging topics. Join or form study groups to share resources, discuss difficult questions and help each other stay on track with your study schedules.

Test Day Tips

1. Get Plenty of Rest

Ensure you are well-rested before the test day. A good night’s sleep can significantly impact your cognitive function and overall performance.

2. Eat a Balanced Breakfast

A nutritious breakfast can provide the energy you need to concentrate and perform well during the test. Avoid heavy or sugary foods that might cause an energy crash.

3. Arrive Early

Plan to arrive at the test centre early to avoid any last-minute stress. Familiarise yourself with the location and the test day procedures to ensure a smooth experience.

4. Stay Calm and Focused

During the test maintain your composure and focus on one question at a time. If you encounter a difficult question, move on and return to it later, if time permits.

Preparing for the GEMP and WAPT requires dedication, targeted study and effective test-taking strategies. By understanding the exam format, reviewing relevant materials and practising regularly, you can approach the WAPT with confidence and improve your chances of success. Remember, thorough preparation is key to achieving your goal of entering the Graduate Entry Medical Programme.

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