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Extra Lessons.

Ensure you are achieving the best possible results to prepare your foundation.
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NBT  Courses.

Secure your position in the institution of your choice with comprehensive training.
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University Assistance.

Create your future by exploring advanced concepts at university level.
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Get the assistance you need for Matric Finals with focused Workshops.
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Leaders in Educational Excellence.
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Access your full syllabus on any device.
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Our development team has paid attention to delivering a sound educational experience on all devices. Access our services on your phone, laptop or tablet. You now have access to the best educational online support anytime and anywhere.

The dream starts here...
Over 350 recorded Lessons to watch.

On demand.
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Real time feedback.

Progress through your studies while testing your knowledge with real time feedback.
If                          is divisible by both            and              , find the value of                            
What you should have done is the following:
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Take notes as you learn.

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This is truly your own, personal virtual classroom. As you follow the lesson, it is like sitting in class and you can take notes online as you go along.

We pride ourselves on presenting the core fundamentals in a concise, structured manner - meaning that you will be able to compile comprehensive summaries of your own, if you take notes during the lesson. After your notes have been recorded, you can easily print them out, export them to a word document or save them to view later.

In this manner you can create the perfect notes to pull up when those difficult study periods come your way.

Want to know why we're the best?

Take a journey with Mr. Mitton on one of the most challenging topics for students - Calculus. This lesson focuses on the First Principles, formulated by the legendary Isaac Newton, and is taken directly from our Grade 12 Mathematics Course. Believe us, you'll enjoy the story.

Weekly Live Stream with
Q&A Sessions.

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Our weekly live stream lessons can literally be described as the heartbeat of our operation. Registered students join our Telegram group and this platform hosts our weekly Q & A sessions.

This is a fun and interactive platform where students can forward their questions and interact with the teacher or lecturer.

Our online platform is truly dynamic, interactive and different.

All students generally post what they are doing at school every week and forward the questions that they are struggling with. These questions are addressed in the live stream.

Furthermore, this is also the perfect platform for students from different schools to share tests and ideas.
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