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Top-achiever mentality

We don’t just help students pass - we help them achieve their potential.
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Blended Learning Experiences

All contact services are supported by extensive online video content and activities.
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Specialist Educators

We don’t outsource our educators - they are carefully selected and trained.

Our Services.

Cover each milestone in a student’s career.
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Extra Lessons.

Build a Foundation with Grade 10 - 12 Mathematics and Physical Science lessons, designed to produce the top performing students in the country.
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Prepare effectively with condensed courses that cover the most essential concepts needed to perform well during mid-year, prelim and final examinations.
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NBT Courses.

Secure a Position with the most comprehensive AQL and MAT training, nationwide. A high proportion of these students are accepted directly into Medicine Programmes.
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University Assistance.

Create a Future with specialised tuition and mentoring for Engineering, aspiring and admitted Medicine students.
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GEMP Project.

Take the stress out of preparing for your WITS Additional Placement Test (WAPT). An 11-week comprehensive preparation course. 
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Seventh Star has played a major role in the success of all three of my daughters. We have benefit from Extra Lessons and NBT Courses and all have proven to be of impeccable standard. They recognise the potential in all students and inspire them to reach new heights beyond the norm.

We couldn’t be more thankful for their help and guidance!
M Prat

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To enthuse, inspire, enlighten and empower young adults.
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Our story has two beginnings.

It ultimately starts with a teacher who wanted to do more than just teach. This teacher wanted to enthuse, inspire, enlighten and empower young minds. This teacher attempted to do just that on numerous platforms.  The teacher taught at Technikons, Colleges, government schools, private schools, international schools and adult training centres. This teacher was not just a teacher in this time. This teacher was also a corporate trainer, a performer, a school principal and an entrepreneur. This teacher attempted to create many platforms on which to realise his educational dreams. Some worked, some fell apart - but it was years later that this teacher realised that something more was needed.

Our second beginning starts with a student.

This student was bright, talented, driven and extremely ambitious. This student, however, was frustrated. This student, like many others before him, did not quite fit into the mainstream and did not quite feel understood - but this student had such big dreams - dreams to change the world for the better, one incremental step at a time.

Fate brought the teacher and student together.
Seventh Star Tuition was initially founded in 2012 to offer tuition and extra lessons to students struggling with Mathematics and Physical Science. Not long after, the dreams began to form and very quickly became goals.

Our service offering quickly grew from small class Extra Lessons to high-quality, comprehensive distance learning programmes and tuition for homeschoolers who followed the A-Level and IGCSE Cambridge curricula, with some of those students receiving Top Achiever awards - worldwide. It was at this point that we realised our true value - assisting students in achieving their true potential. We realised… that we were in the business of realising dreams.

We went hard to work and developed the best methods to achieve exceptional results - then, we perfected them.

Over the past 8 years we have refined our service offering to cover the most essential parts of a student’s educational career - Building a Foundation through Extra Lessons, Securing a Position through NBT Courses and Creating a Future through University Assistance. To top this off, we have assisted numerous students with successful applications and admissions into some of the top universities in the world.
Seventh Star - Home - Progress
Seventh Star - Home - Future
Our story has only begun.

We are adamant on sticking with the times and offering practical and engaging online material and e-learning facilities, the start of which, begins in 2020. We want to further help our students achieve their goals and dreams by developing and offering scholarship programmes through the formation of the Seventh Star Institute. We are in the process of forming partnerships with international universities and offering our students even more options to study in various parts of the world.

We want to take education further. We want to enthuse, inspire, enlighten and empower more young adults. We want to play our part in the empowerment of those less fortunate. We want our services to be easily accessible to all who are looking for a better, brighter future. We want to improve.

Chapter 2 has just started, and we would like to invite you to be a part of it.

Our Team.

Seventh Star - Home - J Peterson
J Peterson
Co-Founder and
Chief Executive
Seventh Star - Home - J Mitton
J Mitton
Co-Founder and
Director of Education
Seventh Star - Home - M Peterson
M Peterson
Business Manager
Seventh Star - Home - J du Randt
J du Randt
Financial Manager
Seventh Star - Home - C Pratt
C Prat
Education Coordinator
Core Teaching
Seventh Star - Home - Prof. Schoeman
Prof. Schoeman
Seventh Star - Home - C Blignaut
C Blignaut
Seventh Star - Home - C Davis
C Davis
Seventh Star - Home - K Pretorius
K Pretorius
There are an additional 17 team members that work tirelessly behind the scenes. These team members include junior lecturers, content creators, typists, proof readers, web-designers and developers, video editors and cleaning staff.
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