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Who is this for?

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Students seeking guidance, support, and resources to enhance their knowledge and performance in the subjects covered by MBBCh students in their second year of study, which are crucial for success in the WAPT and future medical studies.
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Students who prefer a structured and tailored approach to their study strategy for the WAPT, rather than relying solely on self-directed study.
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Students who aim to excel in the WAPT and secure a place in the GEMP, enabling them to complete their undergraduate medical studies in a period of only four years.
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Students who have completed an undergraduate university degree (or are enrolled in the final year of study) at a minimum of Bachelor's or Bachelor of Technology degree level.
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Students who aspire to pursue a medical career and gain entry into the Graduate Entry Medical Programme (GEMP) at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
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Students who meet the minimum requirements for the Wits Additional Placement Test (WAPT) invitation.
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Students who are committed to serving the community and addressing the critical need for well-trained and knowledgeable medical professionals in South Africa.

When is Class?

Schedule: TBA
Start Date: TBA

What will I learn?

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Split into 3 distinct categories. 
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Neatly condensed into 11 weeks.
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What are the main benefits? 

Structured Approach
Benefit from a carefully structured study plan tailored to the specific requirements of the Wits Additional Placement Test (WAPT). Our course provides a step-by-step approach that optimises your preparation, ensuring you cover all necessary topics efficiently and effectively.
Comprehensive Coverage
Our course offers comprehensive coverage of all key topics and concepts essential for success in the WAPT. You'll gain a deep understanding of the subjects covered in the second year of MBBCh studies, enabling you to tackle the test confidently and perform at your best.
Practice and Feedback
Benefit from extensive practice opportunities through simulated WAPT sessions and mock exams. By replicating the exam environment, you'll become familiar with the test format, timing and question types. Our instructors will provide detailed feedback on your performance, highlighting areas for improvement and refining your exam skills.
Motivation and Support
Join a supportive community of aspiring medical professionals who share your goal of entering the GEMP programme. Interact with like-minded peers, exchange study tips and stay motivated throughout your preparation journey. The collective commitment and encouragement will keep you focused, accountable and driven to succeed.
Increase Opportunities
By successfully passing the WAPT and gaining entry into the GEMP programme, you'll open up greater opportunities for a rewarding medical career. The GEMP offers an accelerated path to becoming a medical professional, allowing you to complete your undergraduate studies in just four years and embark on your internship and community service period sooner. 
Build Confidence
Our comprehensive GEMP course is designed to build your confidence and reduce exam anxiety. Through thorough content coverage, expert guidance, and ample practice, you'll develop a deep understanding of the material, refine your test-taking skills and approach the WAPT with confidence, maximising your chances of success.

What do I need?

Computer, tablet or smartphone.
Internet Connection.
General Stationary.

What's included?

Weeks of tuition. 
Hours per week - Contact or Live Stream.
Condensed summaries. 
Once off
Or payment plan at an increased rate.

What does it cost? 

Once off - Online only. 
Once off - Contact and Online.
Split the costs of the GEMP Course into 4 equal
monthly instalments starting from R2250. 
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What do others think?

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Dear Sir, a great teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others. This is exactly what you have done for all of us, the hours, sweat and tears we have put you through and yet you always believe in our abilities and light up that tunnel for us so we are able to live our dreams.
C Holtzhausen 
Potent and intense. This is the only way that I can describe the Seventh Star NBT course. I have attended several NBT courses from a variety of institutions and there is no other course that has the intensity than the one offered by Seventh Star. This course definitely thoroughly prepared me for the most difficult questions in the NBT’s. An enormous amount of material is covered in a short space of time. This has provided me with better insight and understanding than any other course. The course offered by Seventh Star is the only course that constructively prepared me for the actual National Benchmark Tests, and this is the reason I was accepted into Veterinary Science.
L Viljoen
What I found most helpful from the workshops was being exposed to the standard of questioning and then being taught how to approach the questions with the level of thinking that was required. Doing the workshops gives you access to a surplus of past papers and questions that you would otherwise not have access to. Mr Mitton has the phenomenal ability of engaging you in a different level of thinking that helps give you the edge for the exams.
C Verceuil
The workshops gave me the opportunity to revise all the work packaged in a compact, digestible format. These sessions are very productive - I always felt as if I have achieved much in these sessions and it gave me a boost to continue working hard. I would recommend these workshops to anyone - not only for students who struggle with the content, but also for revision purposes. You cannot ask for a better way than the Seventh Star way.
E Cronje
I am extremely grateful for Seventh Star workshops that I attended during grade 11 and grade 12. These workshops changed my way of thinking and I started to approach my questions with a different mindset. This ultimately contributed to me being admitted for Veterinary Science and it also prepared me for my busy first year. Mr Mitton has an excellent way of presenting class and hours passed like minutes. What an absolute legend!
N Venter
The thought alone of doing a 4/6 hour workshop drained me, I thought I would be able to get more done from home working on my own, boy was I wrong. The support, motivation and guidance offered by the teacher was incredible. Not only did he go above and beyond with helpful work material given but he made sure to make the classes fun and enjoyable. Seventh Star ensured we were prepared for our prelims and finals in all aspects, work content including difficult questions, time management and mental preparation. I can honestly say I have never walked into an exam saying, “I’ve got this, bring it on!”, but after those workshops I had never felt more confident and prepared.
T Baker
Seventh Star has played a major role in the success of all three of my daughters. We have benefit from Extra Lessons and NBT Courses and all have proven to be of impeccable standard. They recognise the potential in all students and inspire them to reach new heights beyond the norm. We couldn’t be more thankful for their help and guidance!
M Prat

Got questions? 

Do lessons continue in the IEB/GDE holidays?
We teach straight through the GDE and IEB holidays. We are very passionate about getting our students to achieve their best results!
Do you teach on public holidays?
We generally do not teach on any public holidays as most of our NBT Courses stretch over long weekends and public holidays.
Do you also assist weaker candidates?
We help ALL students and some of our weaker candidates have improved their marks by up to 45%. The average improvement across all grades and subjects is 19%. You should also keep in mind that around a quarter of our students come to us already achieving 80's but need 90's to be accepted into their chosen degrees - this makes it slightly more difficult to show a higher average improvement percentage.
Do you offer one-on-one lessons?
We do not offer any one-on-one lessons as our schedule simply does not allow us to do so. We have also found in the past that one-on-one lessons are somewhat counterproductive as the tutor ends up doing all the work and the student often doesn't get the opportunity to work as independently as they should. Furthermore, the dynamic of our classes is different to that of school - school classrooms are often filled with students that are not focused on improving their marks (or even passing in general) whereas our classes only contain students that are willing to learn. This has the double sided benefit of increased conformity; where students apply themselves as well as a safe and productive environment to learn and practice. Socialisation amongst students is very powerful - we suggest that they receive it the right way.
How do your Contact Lessons work?
All of our lessons are group sessions and the number of students per class varies. We generally start a lesson by teaching one of the most common topics to all students, providing students with worksheets to practise. After this, we address the individual needs of students who must prepare for specific topics and/or tests. We give students many additional examples and exam relevant questions to practise.
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