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Extra lessons or future investment?

The Reality 

According to Statistics South Africa (StatsSA):

“The unemployment rate for the youth younger than 25, using the expanded definition, is a shockingly high 67.4%. Clearly, the rate of youth unemployed has become a national crisis, with significant social, economic and political implications.” – StatsSA (second quarter of 2017)

As seen in the “shocking” statistic mentioned above, it is now more crucial than ever to ensure good grades at both secondary and tertiary level institutions in order to break the status quo. Additionally, studies have found that there is a large gap between the level of education at secondary institutions as opposed to tertiary level institutions in South Africa. This leads to the conclusion that students are typically not ready for the overwhelming jump from High School to University; leading to a high percentage of dropouts.

The solution

It is clearly emphasised that the gap between High School and University has caused problems for students throughout South Africa. Using this information, Seventh Star’s product development team has designed a process by which students can effectively follow their dreams in their field of choice. The process is as follows:

Extra Lessons -> NBT and SAT Training -> University Assistance -> Graduation

The process ensures students are fully equipped for challenges in all levels; from High School, to University entrance, to University Assistance. Our speciality lies in assisting students gain entrance into specialised fields such as Medicine, Engineering, Veterinary Sciences and Physiotherapy and have achieved outstanding results over the years.

Our Products

Extra Lessons
Maths and Science

Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12

University Assistance
Physics, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Calculus

Access into Medicine
Access into Veterinary Science
Students already in Medicine
Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

NBT and SAT Preparation
English and Mathematics

Grade 12


Distance Leaners
Biology, Science, Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Geography, History


Reasons to choose Seventh Star 

We're industry leading. But here are a few more reasons: 

Seventh Star Tuition


With a 97.71%* customer satisfaction rating, customers know that they will receive industry leading service.


Seventh Star Tuition


Don’t settle for a second-year university student when you can have a head lecturer with 25 years experience in teaching.

Seventh Star Tuition


78.04% of customers believe that our prices are competitive.*


Seventh Star Tuition


With a student average of 78%, 100% University exemption and an average improvement of 20% - our results are unparalleled.

Seventh Star Tuition


With over 3000 students assisted, we have fine-tuned our programmed to assist students at any level.

Seventh Star Tuition


We are willing to put our money where our mouth is. Join us for a free lesson to test whether the learning environment is up to your standards; no strings attached.


2018 Registrations

The current stats (updated weekly) can be seen below:

We advise all our clients to register as early as possible as spaces are limited and work on a first come first serve basis. Please note that classes within the categories may fill up quicker than the total amount shown. i.e Grade 10 Extra Lessons may be full but “Extra Lessons” may not yet be full.

How does the new payment system work?

Our 2018 registrations work on a first come first serve basis, with a limited number of spaces available. Places are secured with a registration fee* equivalent to one month’s tuition fees for that class. This fee is, in essence, the first payment of our payment cycle, therefore payments will be collected until the end of November. This excludes B.Sc. Biological Sciences students attempting to gain access into Medicine from the University of Pretoria, where fees will be collected for the first 5 months in 2018. Although the payment term is over 12 months, you are able to cancel your services at any point by providing one month's notice. Students who register during the year will also be subject to a registration fee but will only be invoiced until the end of November 2018. 

*Please note: Registration fees are non-refundable as we use this as security for students once our lists are full.

What does the schedule look like?

2018 Seventh Star Schedule

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What do people say?

Unedited comments from the Seventh Star 2017 feedback report

It is the best classes I have ever received and MR. Mitton is the best teacher I have had. And he has also given me the confidence that I have today. Thank you.

Seventh star has been a lifesaver for us and my child is motivated and determined not to let the tutors down.

By far the best academic assistance I have ever received – very professional, organised and value for money.

Best tutoring I have ever come across! My marks have improved a lot and a 3 hour class is more fun at Seventh Star than a half an hour class at school.

I found that Seventh Star was very eager to help students, and have an incredible passion for what they do.

I have found them to be extremely professional, offering an exceptional service. I can only applaud Seventh Star, and have and will continue to recommend them.

It is a specialised service that helps you attain your academic goals effectively.

A helping hand to reach my goals.

Fantastic value added for my daughter in University. Your input made a massive difference in Chane’s achievement and perception of her own ability to achieve!

I believe that it delivers a fantastic service to its students. Mr Mitton has a way of encouraging you and supporting you to reach your full potential.

It is a great service. Very valuable and totally worth it!

Seventh Star is very beneficial for every student that wants to thrive in their career and studies.

It’s really helped a lot, my science marks have picked up and we work at a pace I enjoy. There are always challenging questions which help.

Feel like and treated like an individual.

Really good services and to be honest a fun environment to learn and practice with friends and cool tutor.