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Welcome to Seventh Star Holdings!

This is the Seventh Star family. This sight has some cool features but before you go anywhere else we would like to show you our family’s key feature.

What we are all about

Seventh Star is the holding company of a multi-division organization that has a strong impact on the development of young life. We are able to achieve this impact through the use of our large spread in various markets. Take a look around the website to get a full view of what we are all about – for now, we will leave you with a brief background of the company.

Seventh Star, initially founded as a marketing company through a partnership, has evolved since late 2012. The company was initially formed in order to create an additional income before changing into a vibrant passion.

Seventh Star has since opened many doors of opportunity and has used every experience as a stepping stone towards ours goals. Seventh Star has a vision to one day become a fierce competitor in the education, fashion and property fields, however, we are currently exploring what may soon become a turning point for South Africa and are extremely excited to get our programme running.