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NBT Questions are tricky, we’ll help you strategise - without a calculator.

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A comprehensive, skills-based approach.
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English and Afrikaans*

Our course material is available in English or Afrikaans and we prepare students for both language tests.
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AQL and MAT Specific Skills

Prepare effectively for both the AQL and MAT aspects of the NBTs.
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Multiple Choice Strategy

Multiple choice style questions are not as easy as many students believe. We provide structured techniques on how to approach them.
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Little Picture Questions

Improve your skills in articulation by providing answers that are short, specific and accurate. Time management is the key to your NBTs.
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Big Picture Questions

Understand the concept of inference and conceptualize a roadmap with your thoughts on written passages, constructing coherent arguments.
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Advanced Trick Questions

Let's face it - all tests have them and you can't always study for them. You can, however, learn how to break them down. Effectively.

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Potent and intense. This is the only way that I can describe the Seventh Star NBT course. I have attended several NBT courses from a variety of institutions and there is no other course that has the intensity than the one offered by Seventh Star. This course definitely thoroughly prepared me for the most difficult questions in the NBT’s. An enormous amount of material is covered in a short space of time. This has provided me with better insight and understanding than any other course.

The course offered by Seventh Star is the only course that constructively prepared me for the actual National Benchmark Tests, and this is the reason I was accepted into Veterinary Science.
L Viljoen


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1. We have been informed that the University of Pretoria will only accept NBT results for a few select faculties and disciplines when applying for the 2023 academic year. Due to this, we recommend that customers contact the university directly BEFORE registering for one of our preparation courses. Should a student wish to apply to multiple universities, then our NBT Courses are essential.

2. We have heavily decreased the number of both courses and attendees per course for 2022. 

3. Due to the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, Seventh Star reserves the right to cancel any/all NBT Contact Course(s) in the event of government restrictions (another lockdown). Should a/all Course(s) be cancelled - we will host a live stream that is also recorded. Attendees will be able to join the live stream as well as access the recordings through the website. 

4. Regrettably, no refunds will be processed for ANY NBT Courses for 2022. 

5. You can change the date of an NBT Contact Course up to 2 weeks before the Course date with no additional charge. Date changes within two weeks of the Course will incur a 50% surcharge. This includes unforeseen changes such as another lockdown. 
Registrations open Jan 2022.


*** Materials ordered are hard copies of the course content (set of booklets - couriered to your door - for an additional R245). Digital copies of the course content are included in the standard price. 
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3 months access
Learn from anywhere
500 + practice questions
Study at your own pace
Practice and test your knowledge
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Registrations open Jan 2022.

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Once off fee
14 Hours in-class tuition
Practice and test your knowledge
Estimated NBT result
English or Afrikaans workbooks
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Price: R2 750
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Over 500 + Carefully Curated Practice Questions.

Get the most out of your NBT preparation with carefully curated practice questions - available in both English and Afrikaans. 

All About the NBTs.

Our full literature.
Our NBT courses are skills-based and not content driven. We cover both the AQL (Academic and Quantitative Literacy) components as well as the MAT (Mathematics) components.

The Academic Literacy test is about language in context and the test is either written in English or Afrikaans. Although students either have a great command of the language or not, we try and highlight the basic skills of how to read and interpret passages effectively and how to improve their marks in this section in general.

The Quantitative Literacy test incorporates Maths Literacy skills as well as the interpretation of graphs and visual information and is the most underestimated of all the tests written in the NBT’s. Students are encouraged to think logically and out of the box as basic numeracy, fractions and percentages are tested. The greatest challenge for some is that they are not allowed the use of a calculator, so basic skills such as long multiplication and division must be revisited.

The Mathematics test covers a range of topics from the Grade 11 and 12 syllabi and we do not only cover these topics in the course but also do numerous examples and offer extensive practice. Our manuals, which are available in either English or Afrikaans, contain more than 500 questions and we offer a detailed solutions booklet as well. Even though there are no past papers available for the NBT’s, we have had an inkling of the style and types of questions asked.
Many students experience anxiety as they are not used to how the questions are asked, and here we try and empower them on how to handle the multiple-choice type questions efficiently and effectively. We have compiled a set of practice tests which the students write during the course and these tests have been found to be quite accurate indicators of how students will fare in the final NBT tests.

We assist with the skills of how to work without a calculator, time management and how to eliminate some answers in the multiple-choice options. It is truly the most effective preparation for the National Benchmark Tests, and we have had some profound successes, particularly in helping some students get the marks to get into Medicine.

The NBT’s are usually highly underestimated and students do not realise that there is usually no correlation between their marks in school for English, Afrikaans and Mathematics and how they perform in these disciplines in the NBT’s.

Our courses and workshops are truly the best tested and most effective preparation for the National Benchmark Tests.