Who is this for?

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Matric graduates
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Aspiring STEM students
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International students
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Career changers
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Self-improvement enthusiasts

What will I learn?

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All courses use the official curriculum learning outcomes as a starting point.
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We add additional learning outcomes in instances where we believe the curriculum falls short.
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Pure Mathematics 1
Pure Mathematics 2
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How can this help?

Average student improvement.
1 in 2
Students receive distinctions.
5-year student average.
Customer satisfaction.

What do I need?

Computer, tablet or smartphone.
Internet Connection.
Please Note
This course does not have a Live Stream or Contact Class. The purpose of the course is to provide students with the opportunity to master the outcomes of the A-Level Mathematics curriculum at their own pace. 
All lessons are prerecorded and include summaries, worksheets and memos for students to practice their skills.
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